Decentralizing Farcaster: Ferrule

One of the fundamental promises of blockchain is digital sovereignty and ownership. Legacy systems have been fundamentally broken for some time now. The advent of frontier technology enables us to move beyond these systems into new paradigms. Social media is one of many such systems that require a massive overhaul.

Bring ICO's Back: Distributed Token Launches (DTL's)

VCs never innovated on financing structures. They just found a way to invest in companies earlier than ever before. Make no mistake, VCs' injection of capital into early stage technology has accelerated innovation, but it has come at the cost of minimizing the community that these products are meant

Bonsol: Verifiable Compute for Solana

Introducing Bonsol, a new Solana native verified compute system that we at Anagram built and open sourced. Bonsol allows a developer to create a verifiable executable over private and public data and integrate the results into Solana smart contracts.

Rethinking Crypto in Gaming

Web3 gaming has an extremely bad reputation with gamers and game developers outside of the crypto ecosystem because of some misguided narratives pushed by crypto folks that aren’t themselves gamers or game developers. Through proper education, we can reframe the conversation around the benefits of Web3 as they can

The Inevitable Evolution: Pioneering Digital Art with NFTs and Terraforms

The emergence of NFTs has heralded a transformative era for the art world, granting digital artists unprecedented capabilities to affirm authenticity and ownership. This advancement is a significant leap forward, yet, in spite of the innovation offered by blockchain technology, much digital art still adheres to traditional frameworks, missing the