Anagram EIR: Anera Labs

Anagram EIR: Anera Labs

We are excited to announce our first Anagram Entrepreneur in Residence team, Anera Labs.

The Team

Anera is led by co-founders Vishwa Naik and Konrad Strachen who are driven by a view of the world they want to turn into reality. Vishwa previously Co-founded Sensho, a crypto syndicate, advisory and developer studio, primarily focused on web3 activations for large cultural organizations, like the Government of Qatar. Konrad was previously the CTO of, where he built and scaled systems that have done more than $2.5B in on-chain volume.

They’ve spent the last 4 months working alongside the Anagram team quickly experimenting and learning by doing in-depth market and product research, designing and prototyping the minimum viable product, and using the Anagram staff and network to validate Anera’s path towards product market fit.

It all started at a cafe

Anera co-founder, Vishwa and the Anagram team connected in Istanbul and over a few cups of coffee, began discussing the fragmentation of on-chain liquidity under a multi-chain backdrop. User experience was rapidly evolving on the frontend as product builders were iterating on high-fidelity smart wallet experiences and intent based bridges offered great speed with minimal friction... but capital experience was still a laggard. The intent market structure has an over-dependence on off chain inventory. While the Anera team knew that DeFi was headed towards an intent based model, both Vishwa and Konrad were adamant that this should not come at the cost of on-chain liquidity.

The Mission

Anera is building the first decentralized market for shared liquidity. They are reimagining the base primitive to Make Onchain Liquidity Great Again (MOLGA). Anera is a general purpose primitive, compatible with any chain. More information will become available as they emerge out of stealth. 

The Work

Before the inspiration for Anera, the team shipped, a public good research and analytics dashboard for intent based systems. 

“Our core goal was to stimulate the conversation around intent based systems, solver equilibria and the associated risks with intent based systems. It is fully open source and contributors from intent based protocols are more than welcome to add to it. We drew inspiration from l2beat and from the Flashbots team when we created We have many contributors/contributions forthcoming. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (@hrojantorse) on twitter”

Come Build With Us!

Anagram is a modern institution committed to the growth and development of the crypto space. We've assembled an extensive team centered around hands-on research and development into the next generation of technology, and we want to work with you! If you're an ambitious, high-conviction entrepreneur, join us under the Anagram umbrella and make use of our vast resources, guidance, and expertise to build something exceptional.

As an EIR, you'll work closely with the Anagram team to take your product to the next level. Anagram will support you from the earliest stage — we're looking for contrarian founders who have a high conviction for what they're pursuing and can benefit from our wide array of talent at Anagram.

We'll ease you through the market research, technical design, fundraising, and anything else necessary for your success, so you can do what you do best - ship amazing products.

If you are passionate about founding a company to develop crypto products then Anagram’s EIR program is for you! Apply here for Anagram’s EIR program by June 1st, 2024.

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