ANAGRAM EIR Program Launch

ANAGRAM EIR Program Launch

Come build with us.

Announcing the Anagram Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Program. This program represents our unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation and accelerating idea generation within the crypto ecosystem.

Apply here for Anagram’s EIR program by January 5th, 2024, and we will be announcing the finalists by January 15th, 2024.

Anagram is a crypto-native holding company uniquely structured to finance blockchain based startups and assist entrepreneurs in building market-leading companies. We are former founders, technical product leaders and investors that understand the difficulties of navigating the early-stage landscape and the expertise needed to achieve a high-growth trajectory. 

We are uniquely positioned to work with founders given our composable business model in which we build, advise and invest. We are a corporation, not a fund and think about capital allocation across a spectrum between human and financial capital. Given the open source nature of our space, we want to build alongside our founders and invest alongside our builders. Crypto allows for positive sum interactions in a way no other sector does. All of our activities, whether human or financial, sit on one balance sheet to maximize interoperability and composability. 

We invite visionary entrepreneurs who resonate with our ethos and ambition to join us in this exciting journey. Together, we will transcend boundaries, redefine paradigms, and contribute to a decentralized future, rich with opportunity and promise.

Areas of Strategic Focus

While we welcome all ideas and applications, the more future forward the better, here are a few sectors and verticals we are actively thinking about and will be writing about in the coming weeks and months ahead. 

  1. Media and content platforms
  2. Data ownership, verification and monetization
  3. Payments, payments based defi and stablecoins 
  4. Crypto native implementations of physical or real world assets
  5. Blockchain coordination of human or machine work (e.g. earning, desci, depin)
  6. Privacy and security protocols

EIR Program Goal and Structure

The goal of Anagram’s EIR program is to provide the select few participants the time to focus exclusively on refining their product thesis until they are confident enough to hire a team and launch the product. Successful EIRs will spend their time quickly experimenting and learning by doing market + product research, designing and prototyping the minimum viable product, and using the Anagram staff and extensive crypto network to validate the path to future product market fit. This process is critical to making sure the execution of the future company is directed at the largest market opportunity while having full understanding of the risks inherent in any new product endeavor. 

The following is the structure of the Anagram’s EIR program:

  1. Rigorous Selection: Drawing on our deep product and technical insight, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of candidates, emphasizing both entrepreneurial prowess, product sensibilities, technological acumen, and ability to build/scale in the crypto ecosystem.
  2. Flexible Duration: Our EIR engagement ranges from 6 to 12 months, offering a tailored experience that aligns with individual project needs and market dynamics.
  3. Location: We want to work with folks from all over the world. Anagram is a remote-first company so there are no geographical restrictions on those applying to the EIR program.
  4. Funding: Anagram will provide seed capital via a SAFE.
  5. Mentorship and Support from Industry Leaders: EIRs benefit from weekly one-on-one mentorship with an Anagram leader, with additional access to Anagram’s network and team. Support can cover topics ranging from product market fit, technical architecture/feasibility, capital formation, tokenomics, operations, co-founder recruiting and beyond.
  6. Demo Hours: EIRs will participate in our Anagram internal demo hour sessions hosted every other week to facilitate discussion and feedback on the incremental progress of the product & market research as well as the product prototype(s) the EIR is working on. 
  7. Path to Investment: Our commitment extends beyond the program, with opportunities for further investment and partnership, guided by a nuanced understanding of the technological landscape and market trends.

Come Build with Us!

If you are passionate about founding a company to develop crypto products then Anagram’s EIR program is for you! Apply here for Anagram’s EIR program by January 5th, 2024.

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